The Spending Window

Daniel J Wendol - Angelo R Derosalia

Intermittent Spending

Focus on WHEN you spend, not what or where.
To improve your finances, you must begin to enhance your spending awareness.

We go through life spending mindlessly and often suffer the consequences.  There are many books and experts out there telling you how to budget and what to spend your money on.  However, to truly gain control of your financial life, you must look within.  Begin by focusing on when you are spending money.  It’s time to begin your journey with intermittent spending.  Learn how creating a Spending Window™ can improve your financial wellbeing.

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Daniel Wendol and Angelo Derosalia

About the authors

Two long-time friends, two different career paths, one brilliant idea to gain and maintain financial health

Daniel Wendol and Angelo Derosalia have been friends from childhood. Growing up in New York, each maintained his own interests and pursued his own ambitions. While Angelo chose to become a doctor, Daniel followed his interest in finance to a CFP® career.

The two friends have remained close throughout the years. One day, a discussion about staying young and maintaining good physical form brought on a novel yet simple idea for maintaining one’s financial health.

A book about personal finance for people who hate budgets.

- Daniel J Wendol