The Spending Window

Daniel J Wendol - Angelo R Derosalia

How This Book Came About

Two friends discover that controlling your budget is not unlike controlling your diet.

Lifelong friends Dan and Angelo were discussing the merits and tactics of intermittent fasting.  It was a system they were both using to control their diet, enhance their mental clarity, and improve their health.  Angelo suggested that the mindfulness gained from fasting had positive practical implications on many aspects of his own life and wondered if it would apply toward Dan’s profession.  

Could the benefits of intermittent fasting apply to personal finance?  The conversation quickly jumped from restricting eating to restricting spending.  This marked the beginning of what has now become intermittent spending and The Spending Window™.  After years of experimenting with and observing different intermittent spending tactics, Dan and Angelo finally put their strategy on paper in hopes those people around the world will become more mindful of their spending behavior.

Daniel Wendol

Daniel J. Wendol, CFP®

Dan grew up on Long Island, NY as the youngest of four boys and was interested in finances at an early age.  He was buying and selling stocks with his small savings in junior high school.  Dan has since gone on to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and owner of Dolphin Financial Group based in Clearwater, Florida. His focus on retirement planning has shown him that those who are in control of their spending tend to be those who are financially comfortable during retirement.

Angelo R. DeRosalia, MD

Angelo is the current CEO of Associated Medical Professionals of NY, PLLC.  His positions as an executive, a surgeon, and a practitioner treating patients has given Angelo a diverse perspective.  He has seen not only the health impact that financial situations have on people from all walks of life.  His experience leading one of the top medical groups in his field has given him direct knowledge about the significance of financial decisions.  Angelo has learned from observation and first-hand experience that the ability to control spending can be a powerfully beneficial skill.

Angelo Derosalia

Discover a new and simple approach to improving your financial health.