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Buy Nothing Day – A Black Friday Alternative

“Buy Nothing Day”

“No Spend Friday”

“Anti Black Friday”

Whatever you might call it, all of these describe a counter action to well known “Black Friday.”

Over the years, Black Friday has become a nationwide phenomenon.  It is a day filled with extreme levels of consumerism and frantic spending.  Black Friday sales represent a significant portion of total sales for many sellers of products and goods.  This seems like a good thing right?  It stimulates the economy and buyers are able to get items they want at discounts.  However, when juxtaposed next to the ever increasing consumer debt, the shine of Black Friday spending begins to fade.  Should we be promoting and even celebrating so many who are spending beyond their means?  Many are beginning to question the value of such faults in our personal financial decisions.  Enter “Buy Nothing Day.”

The Anti Black Friday movement appears to have started outside the U.S., but has been increasing in popularity here and globally.  Many are suggesting a switch away from spending on this day after Thanksgiving.  Will 2020 be the year that this trend begins to gain momentum?  Perhaps in the midst of a global pandemic, the major foot traffic and inevitable trampling will slow down.  Yet, many more will take to the keyboard and mouse to make online purchases in order to catch a deal.  Lest we forget Cyber Monday!  But, maybe there will be a heightened level of awareness this year.  Maybe people will be more mindful of there spending.

To honor Buy Nothing Day and to help promote mindful spending, we are offering our best Black Friday deal of all:

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After all, what better way to celebrate a Buy Nothing Day than to download a book with a cure for excessing spending at no cost?

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Last year at this time author Dan Wendol introduced the concept of Buy Nothing Day to his cohost on his retirement focused podcast.  You can listen to that podcast below:

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